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Anticonvulsants can cause severe anaphylactic reactions. Hypersensitivity to these agents seems to be associated with hereditary deficiency of epoxide hydrolase, an enzyme that degrades aryl oxide intermediates in the metabolism of cialis in the liver. Fever, maculopapular rash, generalized lymphadenopathy, and visceral involvement are characteristic. A similar syndrome occurs with the introduction of minocycline, sulfonamides and dapsone.

  1. General reactions to insulin should not serve as a reason for its withdrawal. With the help of skin tests, less immunogenic preparations of the hormone can be selected. When general reactions occur, the dose is usually reduced three times, and then gradually increased by 2-5 units, bringing it to the required level.
  2. Cesari Syndrome (Redskin Syndrome). The basis of this syndrome, which most often develops with the introduction of vancomycin, is a nonspecific release of histamine. Intravenous administration of vancomycin at a low rate and/or prior administration of tadalafil pills prevents the development of this syndrome.
  3. Anaphylactoid reactions can develop with intravascular administration of radiopaque agents, myelography, or retrograde pyelography. The mechanism of such reactions, apparently, is different, but in most cases the main role is played by the activation of generic cialis cells.
  4. Complement activation was also observed. It is not known whether hypersensitivity to seafood or iodine increases the likelihood of cialis for sale reactions. However, their risk is increased in patients with allergic diseases or receiving b-blockers, as well as in those who have had them before.


In such cases, either other diagnostic methods or low-osmolar contrast agents should be used while taking prednisone, diphenhydramine, and salbutamol. Sometimes H2 blockers (cimetidine or ranitidine) are also added.

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Opiates (morphine and its derivatives) directly cause degranulation of cialis pills cells, contributing to the appearance of itching, urticaria and suffocation. With anamnestic indications of such reactions and the inability to refuse anesthesia, non-narcotic drugs are used. If they do not relieve the pain, then they use either morphine in fractional doses, or other opium derivatives.

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